College of Arts & Sciences

After the successful launch of for the Ohio University College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) the College needed a redesign for their main site. We went for a complete overhaul on the main site by rethinking how students navigate an academic site and what kind of content students and faculty/staff wanted to see, whether they are browsing from their desktop/laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone. The site uses the Ohio University content management system known as CommonSpot, and all templates and elements for the site were built responsively and are fully maintained inside of this CMS. The site is cleanly organized with colorful high quality images and custom made icons for at a glance navigation. The College houses 19 departments under its roof, and over the coming months, each of them will fall into a consistent look and design with the CAS main site. Currently Physics & Astronomy department page is completed and live, and includes automatic feeds into CommonSpot from the Ohio-Forum WordPress-powered blog.