our task

The Environmental Studies program director understood the power of video to captivate an audience and compel viewers to action. With a sound understanding of the program’s target audience in mind, we developed a production schedule and story framework to create a fast-paced, youth-oriented video to promote the program to potential students.

our solution

Trekking through lakes, streams, forests, and greenhouses

was just another day in the classroom as we followed students and faculty through their classes to capture footage of the breadth and impact of the program’s research. Using state-of-the-art high-definition equipment and editing software, we distilled three months of filming into a compelling and informative experience about the program and its reach, creating movement out of static images, shifting focal points, and changing minds.

Geoff Dabelko

Professor and Director of Environmental Studies / Ohio University, Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs

It is hard to convey a complex message clearly and attractively in a one minute video. But our dialogue with Electronic Vision enabled us to develop a script that brought across the dynamism and action-oriented educational experience of the Environmental Studies Masters degree through a student-driven video. Working with professional writers and videographers made our shared vision a reality.